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Half Piety

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Let us give to God our whole hearts, and no longer halt between two opinions: if the word be god, let us serve that; if pleasure be a god, let us serve that; but if the Lord, He be God, let us, oh, let us serve Him alone. Alas! why, why should we stand out any longer? Why should we be so in love with slavery, as not wholly to renounce the world, the flesh, and the devil, which, like so many spiritual chains, bind down our souls, and hinder them from flying up to God? Alas! what are we afraid of? Is not God able to reward our entire obedience? If He is, as the almost Christian’s lame way of serving Him seems to grant, why, then, will we not serve Him entirely? For the same reason we do so much, why do we not do more? Or do you think that being only half religious will make you happy, but that going farther will render you miserable and uneasy?

Alas! this, my brethren, is delusion all over; for what is it but this half piety, this wavering between God and the world, that makes so many, that are seemingly well disposed, such utter strangers to the comforts of religion? They choose just so much of religion as will disturb them in their lusts, and follow their lusts so far as to deprive themselves of the comforts of religion. Whereas, on the contrary, would they sincerely leave all in affection, and give their hearts wholly to God, they would then (and they cannot till then) experience the unspeakable pleasure of having a mind at unity with itself, and enjoy such a peace of God, which even in this life passes all understanding, and which they were entire strangers to before. – George Whitefield

The full text of this sermon can be found here, and other selected sermons by Whitefield are also available.


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April 11, 2011 at 5:59 AM

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