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we cannot transcend all the errors that characterize our time.

The Same Principle

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“The mechanized pursuit of wildlife is high on the list of violating fair-chase principles. We have invented machines to carry ourselves over land, sea and air. Evolution of the animals we pursue can not keep pace with these inventions. If we are to pursue animals fairly, the ethical choice is clear – we pursue them on foot. The ethical hunter never chases or harasses wildlife with a machine. The ethical hunter must make many fair-chase choices. In some areas chasing big game with dogs is an accepted custom. In other places, it is considered an unfair advantage for the hunter. Likewise, luring animals with bait or hunting in certain seasons is sometimes viewed as giving an unfair advantage to the hunter. While local custom and practice need to be respected, it is equally important to be honest about the result of these practices. If there is a doubt, advantage must be given to the animal being hunted.” – Jim Posewitz

“But I cannot help thinking that shooting and angling, for all their beauty, have a moral downside. For is there not something unsporting in the use of guns and hooks against creatures with no natural understanding of such things, and no defences against them?…” – Roger Scruton

Posewitz seems to accept the presence of the implement of hunting and angling: The gun, the bow, the rod, as a given. Scruton however places their use in the same category as any of the other potential objectional elements of Hunting and argues only for the fox hunt with hounds. These are not principles at odds with each other, it’s the same principle, but applied to different extents.

Beyond Fair Chase by Jim Posewitz
On Hunting by Roger Scruton


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July 26, 2016 at 11:16 AM

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