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The Apache Wars – A Review

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At Pinos Altos the white miners had laughed and whooped as the old chief staggered away into the trees beyond the camp. It would have been better for them to have killed him, for now Mangas Coloradas pledged to join with Cochise to fight the White Eyes in a war to the death.” – Paul Andrew Hutton

The Apache Wars is an intricate tale of the events surrounding Geronimo, Cochise, Mickey Free, and many more men and women who had a role to play in the wars of Apacheria. Hutton does a fine job in tying all this history together, and moves from one fascinating account to another. The positive is that it almost reads like a series of short stories.

Negatively, the story does drag at some points, and suffers from the same problem that all accurate and wide ranging histories usually do: It’s easy to lose track of who did what/when. I don’t believe this to be a failure on Hutton’s part, but just an inherent danger in telling such a long story that involves so many players.

I would like to offer one primary observation on the book as a whole, without spoiling anything: Hutton does an admirable job at showing how both the White men, and the Apaches were at fault for what became an incredibly drawn out fight that involved so many people. While there may have been many catalysts such as Mickey Free, Apache Pass, Etc… The biggest factor in the continued violence was an incredible series of poor decisions made on both sides.

A good book to read and consider over a longer period of time, perhaps with a couple other resources to help tie down the events to their wider historical context.

I received this book as part of the blogging for books program in exchange for my review.

Source: The Apache Wars by Paul Andrew Hutton


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